Albany ‘Round the Houses’ Classic Car Race


With only two traditional Around the Houses style motorsport events still approved for racing, the annual Albany event is one not to be missed.

This year I drove the Kombi down Saturday afternoon. Went to the Albany Drive-In to watch a Smokey and the Bandit re-run, and stayed the night at the Big 4 caravan park at Emu Point.

Sunday was race day with a variety of classic categories and some amazing race cars. I shot the below with the fixed lens Fujifilm X-100F. Good image results from out of camera jpgs.


One response on “Albany ‘Round the Houses’ Classic Car Race

  1. Peter Evans says:

    Nice work Brian, I do enjoy seeing some of those Classics particularly when shot so well 🙂
    Been meaning to get down there for that event for some years now and even enter my 1978 Mini Clubman LS that unfortunately is probably not going to happen now because it was T boned by some wanker in a 4×4 who doesn’t know what to do at a roundabout &%#%&&% idiot. After 21 years in the family it’s sad to see it in it’s current condition. Shannons paid out on it and gave us the car back. Still thinking about what to do with it.

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