I thought I had lost these images of Ted Jordan’s amazing Porsche 356 forever. I had a hard drive fail a few years back and a solid chunk of work disappeared into the ether without even so much as a goodbye. 

At the time I hadn’t done a proper backup (stupid I know) and all I was left with were a handful of small jpgs I’d used as previews. What made it worse was that Ted had passed away a few years later and the mighty Porsche was now on the other side of the country with his son. So it kind of makes it hard to reshoot.

Miraculously somehow I must have burnt a copy to dvd as last weekend I was cleaning some old files and out drops this disk of shots all in high resolution. 

I’d always loved Ted’s 356. He used to race it in the Historics class at Barbagallo Raceway. I’d cringe seeing him go doorhandle to doorhandle in a tight corner and cross my toes no-one would crash into its glossy black paint job. It was valuable back then, imagine what it would be worth in todays market!

So for the sake of posterity I’m posting a few more shots here for all the air-cooled classic car enthusiasts to enjoy. And I’m raising a beer to Ted and his bravado in using this bathtub to it’s full potential.