Couple more shots of the 1957 single cab before it starts its rebuild proper. I’ve always enjoyed road trips so the plan for this is to create a sturdy overland vehicle.

The ute gates weren’t around so I’ve bought a set of Barndoor gates from NSW which I’ll pick up in the next few weeks. Stock reduction hubs and gearbox will be rebuilt and stock height remain with a set of steel rims and @bfgoodrichtires KM3’s – original paint will remain, and I’ll try to remove a little more of the sunburn to see if there’s still decent paint underneath.

A custom roll bar will be fitted in the tray and a hard shell rooftop tent mounted on top of that. Maybe a @alucab or something similar? I bought a Hurst bumper from @kieftenklok a while back and it’s now nicely patina’d ready to be mounted on the front with a small winch and recovery points. Will ask @northside_trim_46plym for a nice luxury interior complete with electric heater and air conditioning.

Not locked in on engine capacity yet but plenty of time to work that one out 🙂 I’ve been reading lots of fantastic books on world journeys in stock VWs and these little dubs, while not 4wd, are still surprisingly capable on rough dirt tracks. Perfect for exploring Australia!

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