Porsche Club of WA Car Show – I drove a 911 :)

It was hot as balls on Sunday for the Porsche Club of WA when they held their annual show.

The Perth city skyline was blanketed in smoke haze from burn-offs (not burn-outs) which made it feel hotter than it actually was.

I met up earlier with the boys from K-Tec to help drive some display cars to the event. We looked like a mental conga-line of German car porn heading down the freeway to South Perth foreshore. Coming at full noise through the swanky part of Perth with a bunch of race cars, you could almost see the shop windows shattering, small children crying, and mothers running away with their babies. K-Tec was single-handedly devaluing the neighbourhood.

To stir the pot a little more the shop’s chopped volksrod ute followed closely behind, a little like a raging case of herpes follows closely behind a night with a one-legged hooker.

There were some stunning vehicles on display. My eyeballs were sweating so it was a little hard to concentrate on so much Porsche goodness. Instead I took a few photos. Excuse the crapness of Facebook’s photo compression. I’ll upload the high-resolution versions to my blog in a couple of days when I’ve finished kicking it around the room in frustration.

For now, enjoy…

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