Sadly I didn’t have a Volkswagen this year to take to the VW Spectacular show on the East coast.

I did however still own a flat four cylinder (Subaru) so that would slightly redeem me (in my own mind at least). A week to drive from Perth to Macksville, three days at the show, and a week to return to the West coast. Easy done!

It was an epic 10,000km round trip without a hitch. The Forester was super fun to drive through the desert and it was nice to have a functioning heater for this Winter adventure, especially when I visited the ski resorts along the way.

I did take my DJI Spark drone and a basic Fuji X-Pro 1 camera. It’s a terrible camera for video which you will see if you watch the Youtube clip. I’m also awful at editing and filming so I can’t totally blame my tools.

Anyway, enough of my blabbering, here’s some video and photos from the event: