VW Road Trip 11th April 2012 – Adelaide to Ceduna – 885kms

Au revoire Radelaide! We’re off for the first day in the desert. Bus packed and ready to roll we departed through the streets of Glenelg and northern Adelaide. The South Australian capital was still about the have the last laugh, a roadworks trench the depth of a moon crater snuck up on both of us without warning. I saw Pat and Jean hit it and bounce pretty hard, and before I could do anything my crazy low profile tyres smashed into it as well. The bus jumped out of gear and even with a seatbelt my head hit the roof. In the next few minutes there was a bizarre rubbing noise which I thought was the bumper come loose. We stopped to check and the bloody pothole had shook two legs off the roofrack. Typically my luck would be that the kayak was well secured but would take off in a cross wind taking the whole roof rack with it! Probably right in front of a police car.

Man, once you get out of the rat race and into the real open country it’s an awesome experience. The scenery doesn’t change much but it’s a good time to think and appreciate how awesome our country really is.

Flinders Ranges, North of Pt Germaine, South Australia

East of Iron Knob

It was a long day driving but we made it to Ceduna safe and sound. Although we’d both been driving long distances already it was still a relief to get through the first day of isolation without any dramas. The buses were fine, we were fine. Wicked.

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