Press coverage is one of the rewarding parts of being a photographer. Seeing your images printed on something tangible, you can feel it and turn the pages. I’m old enough that I grew up with print media and it still holds dear to my heart. Digital certainly has it’s place now, and it’s not going anywhere but forward; but I guess the advantage is it creates a more romantic memory of when photos were in photo albums and the latest craze with a Polaroid camera!

Fortunately I’ve been lucky to have a lot of work in print, and as time goes by I’ll keep a digital record of it here, or at the least on a hard drive somewhere at home. It’s funny how the two compliment each other.

VW Kombi Story
Thanks to Neil Dowling for running a story on my VW Bus.
VW Magazine Aerial Photo
VW Magazine Australia – Aerial from 2014 Show in Nambucca Heads